Scavenger Hunts

Gallery scavenger hunts take 30–45 minutes each and are an excellent way to acquaint students with the M&G collection. Designed in a child-friendly format, these entertaining activities will expose children to either the finest of M&G’s antiquities or to its Old Master paintings.

  • M&G Scavenger Hunt, Ages 5-12. Join Artechus in learning more about some of M&G’s paintings! M&G Scavenger Hunt
  • Identifying Signs and Symbols, Ages Jr. High to Adult. A simple explanation of the symbolism used to signify saints; enjoy identifying various figures in multiple paintings. Click here to view and print Saints and Symbols Scavenger Hunt.
  • Making Connections, Ages Jr. High to Adult. Explore some of the techniques used by great artists of the part including triangular composition, perspective, foreshortening, tenebrism, and sluteresque. Enjoy searching for samples of these techniques in the Museum & Gallery’s collection. Includes internet sources and links for further study at home. Click here to view and print Making Connections Scavenger Hunt.
  • Young Archaeologist Adventure, Ages 6–14. An introduction to Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Hebrew, and Roman antiquities


Children’s Learning Centers

The Learning Center at M&G at Bob Jones University features Exploring Rome with Art. Children 4–12 may enter the streets of ancient Rome to piece together a mosaic, identify Rome’s landmarks, shop at the Forum, dress up in traditional Roman garb, and more.  Enjoy unearthing the secrets of the Roman Empire!


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