Donor Recognition Levels

For M&G to plan for greater impact in reaching out to an increasing audience of students, families, retirees and tourists, transformational gifts are critical to our success. Partners provide substantial support and a margin of excellence for M&G’s programs. To recognize the vital role, donor recognition levels honor those individuals, businesses, and organizations whose gifts have strengthened our outreach in the calendar year.

Consider giving at the following levels to support M&G’s collections, programs, and facilities:

Lifetime Giving Achievements

Founder’s Society               $1,000,000 or more

1951 Society                       $500,000–$999,999

Covenant Society                $100,000–$499,999


Masters Circle Leaders

Masters Circle Patron                         $25,000

Masters Circle Docent                        $10,000

Masters Circle Craftsman                    $5,000

Masters Circle Researcher                   $2,500


Annual Leadership Donors

Director’s Guild                    $1,000

Curator Club                         $500

Apprentice Club                   $250

Friends of M&G                   Under $250


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