2018: Object of the Month

January: Antiphonary, Italian 16th century

February: St. Ambrose, St. Augustine Gaspar de Crayer

March: Instruments of Christ’s Passion, Unknown Dutch 17th century

April: The Ascension, Gustave Doré

May: Clay Oil Lamps

June: Amulets, Egyptian, ranging from 1786 BC-30 BC

July: Angel with Candlesticks, Florentine, c. late 15th century

August:  The Martyrdom of St. Perpetua and St. Felicitas, Félix Leullier, 1880

September: Iron Safe, German 17th century

October: The Fountain of Life, French 16th century

November:  The Repentant St. Peter, Carlo Dolci

December: The Visitation, Johann Friedrich Overbeck