2020: Object of the Month

January: St. Jerome, unknown Spanish, 17th century

February: Savonarola Chair, Florentine, early 16th-century

March: The Mocking of ChristDavid de Haen, Dutch, c. 1597-1622

April: Christ on the Cross, Peter Paul Rubens, 1610

May: The Wedding Feast at Cana, Giovanni Domenico Piastrini, Roman, 1678-1740

June: Toggle Pins, Bronze, Egyptian, 1648-1540 BC (15th Dynasty)

July: God the Father, Cristoforo Scacco; Salvator MundiHendrick Goltzius (attr. to) St. Mary Magdalene Turning From the World to ChristJan Hermansz. van Bijlert

August: Seat of State, Italian 16th century