Sumer: Ingenious Innovators

Many of the things we take for granted today have been around for centuries, finding their roots in ancient civilizations long buried by the dust of time. Even though COVID-19 prevents a field trip to M&G’s monthly Homeschool Days in-person lesson, take a journey to meet and understand the creative people of ancient Sumeria, including the city of Ur, which was once home to Abraham and Sarah as recorded in the Genesis account. We hope you enjoy sampling these M&G resources.

M&G Digital Homeschool Days Lessons include the following:

  • Parent Guide
  • Lesson Video (length: 9-15 minutes)
  • Downloadable Activity Sheet (elementary and middle school) with art activities and resources to explore at home

Parent Guide for Sumer: Ingenious Innovators Lesson

Lesson Video (12:44 minutes)


Activity Sheets

Click HERE to access the Elementary  pdf.  Click HERE to access the Middle School pdf.