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Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Heavenly Shepherd

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Jusepe de Ribera: Ecce Homo

This evocative portrait of Christ by Jusepe de Ribera was one of Bob Jones Jr.’s “very special favorites.”

Gustave Doré: Christ Leaving the Praetorium

Gustave Doré (who published his first drawings at age 15) went on to become the most sought-after illustrator of the mid-19th century.


Han van Meegeren: part 2

In Part 2 of the Han van Meegeren saga, you’ll learn about the elaborate process he used to fool some of the best art connoisseurs of his day.

Girolamo Della Robbia: Terracotta Busts

The Della Robbia family is famous—for their secret artistic recipe. Watch to learn more about a pair of sculpture and this family of artists represented in M&G’s collection.

Cassone: Renaissance Marriage Chest

The European furniture in the Museum & Gallery collection has been called the finest in America by Joseph Aronson, author of The Encyclopedia of Furniture. This beautiful Italian cassone is a good example.

Guido Reni: The Four Evangelists

Guido Reni is one of the foremost artists of the Bolognese school. Learn about his rendering of the four gospel writers from the founder of our Museum & Gallery, Dr. Bob Jones, Jr.

Geritt van Honthorst: The Holy Family in the Carpenter Shop

Art historian Georges Marlier describes The Holy Family in the Carpenter Shop as “a magnificent work which equals the most beautiful Caravaggio.”

Francois de Troy: Christ and the Samaritan Woman

The extraordinary life-like quality of the characters in this work illustrate why Francois de Troy was one of the 17th century’s most popular portrait painters.

Stefano Cernotto (attr. to): The Last Supper

The Last Supper was a common subject among 16th century artists; however, the intriging iconography in Stefano Cernotto’s rendering displays and inventiveness that is unique.