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Specialized Tours

Specialized Focus Tours (for adults)

Cultural Discovery Tours (for students)

The following tours are available for groups of at least 10 or more by reservation only according to scheduling availability. Tours are 45 minutes in length. Schedule at least two weeks in advance.


Students (K5-12): educational discounts are available

Adults (College age and above): $5 per person

Note: There is a non-refundable reservation fee to book your tour.


Luther’s Journey: Experience the History 

Gustafson Fine Arts Center, campus of Bob Jones University

For adults and students (6th-12th grade)

This focus exhibition features paintings from M&G’s internationally respected Old Master collection.  Tour the exhibit and take a closer look at the man, Martin Luther, by understanding more about his life’s circumstances in the 1500s—a plague circling Europe, the scarcity and inaccessibility of books, the normalcy of illiteracy, and the exacting authority of church and state. Luther’s life journey reminds us that ordinary people can be used by God to inspire extraordinary and enduring change.

Request tour HERE or call to schedule: (864) 770-1331, Ext. 1070


Benjamin West: The Father of American Painting

War Memorial Chapel, campus of Bob Jones University

For adults and students (3rd-12th grade)

From an aspiring artist in rural Pennsylvania plucking the hairs of his cat’s tail for a home-made paintbrush to working as History Painter to the King of England during the Revolutionary War, Benjamin West led a remarkable life of influence, and his paintings detail his story of amazing opportunities! Tour this monumental collection of paintings commissioned by King George III and discover their significance in history.

Request tour HERE or call to schedule: (864) 770-1331, Ext. 1070


Exploring Ancient Cultures

Museum & Gallery

For adults and students (2nd-12th grade)

History enthusiasts and pupils of archaeology will marvel again at the developments of past civilizations and their preserved practices by examining treasures from ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Hebrew cultures.  Come examine more than 250 antiquities including a first-century ossuary, a Torah scroll, Roman glass, Egyptian make-up, and a Hebrew baby rattle. Learning about the everyday lives and customs of generations before us are revealing and fascinating!

This tour is not currently available.


Jerusalem Chamber

Mack Library

For adults and students (6th-12th grade)

Step back into the pages of Bible translation history by visiting our own Jerusalem Chamber, a replica of the famous fourteenth-century room in Westminster Abbey. This chamber is where the commissioned men convened to write the King James Version of the Bible. Here you will discover a treasure of rare Bibles, the very translations that inspired the Protestant Reformation. The collection includes John Wycliffe’s New Testament, an original 1608 edition of the Geneva Bible, a 1611 edition of the KJV, and a rare copy of Martin Luther’s 1522 German translation.

This tour is not currently available.

Kids Create! 2021


M&G is looking forward to our June 2021 Kids Create! summer art day camp for your young creatives, grades 1-6. There’s still room for YOUR campers!

Register for camp HERE

For more information, review Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Create!


Pigments of the Past 

1st—6th grade (ages 6-12)

What is paint made of? Who invented the paintbrush? How has art changed over the centuries? Traveling through time, campers will peek into the lives of four historical artists—the postdiluvian man, a Chinese painter of the Song Dynasty, a fifteenth-century monk, and a twentieth-century color field pioneer. M&G’s 5-day morning camp is packed with artistic discoveries, snacks, new friends, and a chance to meet local artisans.

Cost (includes daily instruction, art supplies, and daily snack):

  • Museum Members: $75
  • Non-Members: $80

Location: Bob Jones Academy (on the campus of Bob Jones University)

Time: 9:30AM — Noon, daily

Camp Weeks:

  • June 7-11
  • June 14-18
  • June 21-25


Health & Safety Measures:

We understand that parents will exercise discernment for their child(ren) and family. M&G too will consider the current health conditions in South Carolina before and during the June camp weeks to evaluate and determine which protocols will be necessary to follow and implement. Specific expectations (both for campers and M&G’s carefulness) will be communicated in the parent email sent two weeks prior to your child’s camp week.

However, M&G is currently planning the following procedures:

  • Facilities will be thoroughly cleaned daily.
  • At restroom breaks, campers will be required to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • All families will need to sign the COVID-19 waiver by the Monday Registration Check-In.
  • At morning carline, parents will be asked health screening questions daily for their camper, and each camper will have a temperature check.
  • Kids Create! staff will also be monitored daily to ensure their healthy participation as well.
  • Masks are not required; they are optional for any camper who prefers to wear one.
  • Class sizes are smaller to allow for social distancing.
  • For snacks, single-serving packages and water bottles will be distributed.
  • Art materials will be supplied for each individual camper; no supplies will be shared among campers.
  • Rather than host our regular large, in-person reception on Friday with families and friends, M&G will share a video digitally with parents from their camper’s week of experiences.

For more details, please view all of our FAQs.




Museum on the Move

M&G loves opening up the world of art through our unique Museum on the Move program by bringing museum learning to your classroom! Our educators are available to come to your classroom to teach and bring all the related materials for each lesson and arts-based STEAM units. Or you can choose to use digital Museum on the Move lessons in your classroom or remotely.


In-Person Lessons:

These 30- to 60-minute lessons are not only customized to accommodate individual classroom needs, but also integrate art with the core subject areas, and meet the national and South Carolina state standards. Each lesson is taught by our experienced and skilled museum educators. See what educators say about this program!

For a list of in-classroom lesson topics in PDF, click here.

For a copy of the standards utilized in each lesson, click here.

To schedule an educator to come to your classroom: contact Anna Hamrick, M&G’s Museum on the Move Coordinator at or 864.770.1331. She will coordinate fees and educator availability.


Digital Lessons:

To register for digital lessons for your classroom (due to COVID-19 limitations or traveling distance): contact Anna Hamrick, M&G’s Museum on the Move Coordinator at or 864.770.1331. The following digital lessons are available:

  • Poetry & Art: Writing Colorfully (for 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th)
  • Propaganda & Art: WWI (for 4th-8th grade)
  • Industrial Revolution (for 5th-8th grade)
  • Careers in Art (for 6th-9th grade)
  • Art of Illustration (for 4th-6th grade)

Lessons include a Teacher’s Guide (for use in your classroom or remotely), a lesson video, a demonstration video (for the related art project), list of the standards the lesson meets, and related project printables.

For a description of the digital lessons in PDF, click here.


If you’d like to understand a little more detail about how Museum on the Move works, listen to this February 2021 podcast about the program, featuring our education staff:



Museum on the Move is part of M&G’s Arts Encounter K-12 programming.


Homeschool Days: 2021-2022

An Exploration in Cultural Heritage: Artists of the Twentieth Century

For the academic year 2021-2022, join us monthly in discovering artists whose styles differ from the established 20th-century art movements, but whose creative influence and artistic heritage continue to be appreciated. This cross-cultural exploration is for homeschool students, ages 5-14. Each 75-minute lesson is interactive and includes a related art activity.

Details and Registration will be available in August for this in-person M&G Kids learning series.


First Semester Topics:

September: Laura Mosqueras, Modern Latina Artist

October: Tyrus Wong, Asian Illustrator

November: Harrison Begay Sr., Navajo Painter


Second Semester Topics:

February: Laura Wheeler Waring, African American Portraitist

March: Mahmoud Said, Middle Eastern Painter

April: Jake Weidmann, Youngest Master Penman

Digital Homeschool Days

M&G Digital Homeschool Days: The Age of Antiquity

For Students ages 5-14

Join us for an exploration of ancient tombs, palaces, caves, and libraries in search of some of the secrets of the ancient world of art. Through engaging digital lessons and at-home art projects and activities, you’ll discover what contributions were made to art and culture by seven influential civilizations of the distant past.

Register HERE for the following digital lessons and resources:

  • Sumer: Ingenious Innovators (FREE Lesson & Resources to sample)
  • Assyria: The First Empire
  • Babylon: The Jewel of Mesopotamia
  • Egypt: From Tombs to Treasures
  • Hebrew: A Chosen People
  • Greece: Paving the Way for the World of Art
  • Rome: Expansion & Influence