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Digital Museum on the Move: Poetry & Art (3rd-5th) Sample

M&G delights to bring you Museum on the Move digital lessons, which can be used for lesson integration in your classroom or remotely with your students. View the videos and review the support materials as examples of M&G’s programming to see if this is the kind of arts-integrated lesson that would fit in your classroom.  In addition to the digital options, M&G offers in-person lessons that are cross-curricular and enhance core subject learning for grades K-12.


Poetry & Art: Writing Colorfully

Designed for 3rd-5th grade

Please click on the hyperlinks below for the content and materials related to the lesson.

ELA Standards (pdf)

Teacher’s Guide (pdf)

Color Poem Samples (pdf)

Color Poem Brainstorming Worksheet (pdf)

Color Poem Worksheet (pdf)

“Poetry & Art: Writing Colorfully” Lesson Video (9:29)

3rd-8th Poetry & Art: Writing Colorfully Video Lesson from Museum & Gallery, Inc. on Vimeo.

Color Poem Activity Demonstration Video (4:10)

3rd-5th Poetry & Art: Writing Colorfully Demo Video from Museum & Gallery, Inc. on Vimeo.


Curriculum Guides

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