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The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Inspiring Character

In this segment Erin Jones highlights some of Charles Dickens’ most inspiring characters.

The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Theatre of the Mind

In our next few segments we’ll explore how Dickens’ imaginative creations helped alter the Victorian landscape, beginning with Oliver Twist and Britain’s poor laws.

The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Caroline Norton & Angela Burdett-Coutts

In this segment writer Caroline Norton and philanthropist Angela Burdett-Coutts share reforms they inspired on behalf of Victorian women.


The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Women

In this segment Director Erin Jones shares some of the cultural milieu of the Victorian woman.

The Victorian Woman from Museum & Gallery, Inc. on Vimeo.

The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Conan Doyle & Henry Irving

In this segment, Conan Doyle and Henry Irving share their thoughts on a variety of topics, including what it means to be a “Victorian gentleman,” the perils of creating a wildly popular character, and the process for making such characters “come alive” on stage.


The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Gentlemen

Museum exhibitions are a wonderful way to explore the context of the art and artifacts of an era. In 2015 the Museum & Gallery showcased a variety of Victorian paintings and objects in Charles Dickens: The Continuing Victorian Narrative.  Over the next several segments Erin Jones will provide a virtual “tour” of that exhibition’s vignettes. We’ll also highlight several of the era’s influential (and colorful!) personalities connected to these vignettes.



Symbols in Religious Art: Representations of Deity

In our final Symbols in Art segment, Dr. Jones sums up how the study of religious art can bring “beauty, knowledge, and culture into our lives.”

Symbols in Religious Art: Earthly Saints and Heavenly Spirits

In our 4th installment on this topic, Dr. Jones shares attributes and legends connected with several historical and Biblical figures, including the 5th century chruch father Jerome of Stridon and the Archangel Michael.


Symbols in Religious Art: Attributes of the Martyrs

In this video Dr. Jones shares the stories and identifying symbols associated with some of the most “popular” martyrs portrayed in Religious art.

Symbols in Religious Art: Prominent Bible Characters

In this second segment, Dr. Jones will explore the attributes of several other prominent Bible characters.