Cultural Discovery Tours: An Arts Encounter Program

Educational tours are available at both M&G sites Tuesday through Saturday. These tours are standards-based and available for elementary through college age students. Each tour can also be adapted to accommodate large classes, homeschool groups, and families. Tour requests are granted based on schedule availability. Educational discounts are also available. Consider the tour topics listed below.

For more information and fees: contact the Guest Relations Manager at or (864) 770-1331.

The M&G Kids Safari team is scheduled to depart soon. Follow the tracks to see what kind of animals lurk among the paintings of M&G! Enjoy this introduction to Old Master paintings and learn how animals are used symbolically in these great works of art. Reserve your place on the Safari team. The Jeep leave soon!


Feeling blue? Come and join us for a fun and interactive tour designed to teach kids about the color wheel! Find out the incredible symbolism that color holds in both art and culture. Through the use of fun tour props and worksheets, kids will see that there is a lot more to color than originally meets the eye!


Journey back in time and meet one of the first “painters of light.” Gerrit van Honthorst belongs to a group of Northern artists known as the “Candlelight Painters.” His Holy Family in the Carpenter Shop, part of the M&G collection, is a favorite of many Gallery patrons. Join an M&G educator for a family excursion; no one need bring a suitcase for this international, imaginative trek.


Teachers, parents, and children alike will enjoy exploring our archaeological treasures, including every day items like a Roman mirror, a Hebrew baby rattle, and Egyptian makeup. Younger classes can participate in the hands-on activities of the Bowen Discovery Center and find that learning about ancient civilizations can be both revealing and fascinating.


Take a visual journey through time, beginning with the Gothic period and moving through the Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque eras into  the 19th century. Discover the intriguing stories behind the paintings and little-known facts that will increase your appreciation for the masterpieces in the M&G Collection.


Children of all ages are enchanted by this time of castles and moats, knights and charging steeds, kings and queens, lords and ladies. On this exciting tour, the Dark Ages are illuminated as children discover what life was like during this time period through captivating activities about armor, coats of arms, and the symbols and characteristics of Gothic art.


Learn about the life and art of the 1600s. Through a variety of clues children will discover seventeenth century characteristics in each painting. Building Blocks of the Baroque teaches children interactively about this exciting time period and the essentials of Baroque art.


Travel back in time to the Renaissance era; immerse yourself in the discoveries, inventions, and art of the period in a combined discussion and hands-on activity format. Children will learn how perspective was “invented” and discover how geometry and mathematics were first used in painting.