Drawing Studio – Monday


Today at Kids Create! Drawing Studio we learned a ton about drawing! We talked about what art is, what drawing is, and reviewed the elements of art. We also talked about the different tools you can use to create a fantastic drawing.  Every student got his or her very own drawing kit!

Drawing as a medium: Drawing plays an important role in art, as it is the basis for most other art forms. Drawing is a depiction of shapes and forms on a surface by using lines. Drawing is the basis of all pictorial representation and an early step in most art activities.

Sketchbook: A sketchbook is an invaluable tool for an artist. It is very simple to sketch if you carry your sketchbook with you. This allows you to draw at any time and document anything that inspires you when you see it.  A sketchbook is essentially a visual diary.

Doodling: To draw or sketch aimlessly, especially when preoccupied. Research shows that doodling can help people with their focus, grasping new concepts, and retaining information.

Try this at home

Doodle Challenge: A great way to find out what each tool does is simply by making marks. You can scribble or doodle. Do not worry about creating or drawing, just simply practice and see what your materials can do and how they work! Use a page in your new sketchbook and just have a scribble. You have to pay attention to how heavy you press and note what happens when you do something different. Experimenting with materials is something all artists do—it helps you understand each medium and what it is capable of.  Happy accidents are often the inspiration for a great work of art.

  • Draw loopy marks
  • Draw zig-zags
  • Light lights
  • Heavy dark lines
  • Try shading from light to dark and then dark to light
  • Draw your eraser over some marks and see which pencils erase well

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