Drawing Studio – Thursday


Today we learned how to draw a human face! We practiced drawing the human head in the correct proportion along with other face attributes.

  • Portrait/Portraiture:  Is a piece of art that shows a specific person, group of people, or animals. They usually depict how the subject looks and may include other things that tell about that subject’s personality.
  • Proportion: Is the relationship of the size one part to another or the ratio of the subject.

Try this at home:

Find a photo of a friend, yourself, or someone in your home. Practice drawing that face and try to make sure you include unique characteristics in your drawing.  You could also try looking in the mirror to draw yourself or asking someone to pose for you to practice drawing faces or gestures.

Visit these websites to learn more:

These websites are a great resource to learn about art. It also gives several examples of portraiture and activities on how to do many different activities:



This website has tutorials on how to draw specific things. This link will provide a tutorial on how to draw a funny face:


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