Exhibition: The Art of Sleuthing







M&G at Heritage Green

Building on your observation skills and borrowing from the specialist’s knowledge, explore and investigate the “mysterious” world of art by viewing the backs of paintings, x-rays of art, forgeries, Nazi-looted art, and more! For investigators of all ages, examining art leads you on a winding path in pursuit of discovery, understanding, and appreciation.

Fee:  General Admission; Members and Children 12 and under are free

Guided Tours of the exhibition are available on Tuesday-Saturday at 3 PM for $3 in addition to general admission.

Just for Junior Sleuths:


Scavenger Hunt

Become a Jr. Detective by joining Artechus and Artemisia as they explore The Art of Sleuthing! Use the clues scattered throughout the exhibition to answer each question. When finished, bring your scavenger hunt to the Gift Shop for a prize!


Children’s Learning Center: A&A Detective Agency

The game is afoot! Join the A&A Detective Agency to help Artechus and Artemisia find clues and solve crimes using your observation skills, logic, and CSI tools.

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