Museum & Gallery Gift Shop

M&G’s Gift Shop strives to offer distinctive, educational, affordable, durable, and attractive merchandise for our guests. We make it our priority to carry:

  • Quality, art-inspired jewelry
  • Stimulating books for all ages
  • Unique children’s toys, kits, and art activities
  • Fine home accessories
  • Stationery and other gift items
  • Keepsake M&G mementos

When purchasing merchandise from our vendors, we consider what we would want for our own family and friends. Our staff and student workers regularly browse our shelves for their gift and personal shopping needs.

Veteran guests and new friends alike comment on the quality of our merchandise, even dropping by just to find something special. Our guarantee is that if we wouldn’t buy a product, we aren’t going to ask you to buy it either.

When looking for a quality specialty gift, M&G’s Gift Shop is sure to have something for you! Please feel free to contact the Gift Shop Manager at or 864-770-1331.