Homeschool Days FAQs

Because we want to continue serving you and your family, we’ve located another building on the campus of Bob Jones University that will support M&G’s lessons and art activities.  We’ll be meeting in the Applied Studies Building, which is on the edge of campus (near the Cleaners and BJA) and has parking spaces adjacent to it. For directions and parking, please visit here.


To participate in Homeschool Days lessons, children must be 5 years old by the first of the month for each scheduled lesson.  For example, to participate in September’s lesson, a child must be 5 years by September 1.


No, beginning in the fall of 2016, M&G made it possible for parents to check-in their children for the lesson and leave.  Remember, please park, walk your child(ren) to the building lobby, and check-in with the M&G staff member before leaving.  Parents should plan to pick up their child(ren) in the Applied Studies Building at the end of the lesson.  M&G cannot release children to leave without the permission and presence of a parent or assigned guardian.


Yes, because M&G’s educators have prepared lesson content with educational and enrichment value to you as a home educator, there is a discounted lesson fee of $3.


Yes, younger siblings are allowed to attend with parents for free. They may not, however, participate in the art activities that are a part of the lesson. Parents should consider bringing a quiet activity or toy for younger children to play with in order to prevent distraction in the learning environment.


Yes, strollers are acceptable in the Applied Studies Building; however, strollers must be operated by an adult.


Yes, we will allow you to substitute another child if yours is unable to attend. Please call (864.770.1331) or email  us to let us know the name of the child and his/her information (parents, address, contact info) in the event of an emergency.


No, each child must be accompanied by a parent or assigned guardian at check-in and at pick-up.  This will help the M&G staff members to verify the information and identity of each parent/guardian before releasing your child(ren) at the end of the lesson.


Check the M&G website or Facebook page to find information about lesson cancellations due to inclement weather. If the lesson is cancelled, we will refund your payment.


In the past, M&G has offered separate sessions for co-ops, but we’ve found that we can serve each family’s needs better by having you register individually. This allows you to choose the best time to attend based on your own schedule.


When the museum was open, we were able to offer 90-minute sessions, which included a 15-minute tour to look at objects that supported the lesson focus.  However, because the museum is closed and the children’s concentration begins to suffer after the 75-minute mark, we’ve limited the lessons to suit their learning needs.