Museum on the Move

M&G loves opening up the world of art through our unique Museum on the Move program by bringing museum learning to your classroom. These 30- to 60-minute lessons are not only customized to accommodate individual classroom needs, but also integrate art with the core subject areas, and meet the national and South Carolina state standards. Each lesson is taught by our experienced and skilled museum educators.

M&G educators are available to come to your classroom to teach and bring all the related materials for each lesson and arts-based STEAM units.

To schedule an educator for your classroom: contact Anna Hamrick, M&G’s Museum on the Move Coordinator at or 864.770.1331. She will coordinate fees and educator availability.

To help with COVID-19 limitations or traveling distance which may prevent M&G’s educators from serving your class in-person, M&G is developing the following digital lessons for academic year 2020-2021:

  • Poetry & Art: Writing Colorfully (for 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th)
    • To sample the lesson quality and content, view (and use for FREE) the 3rd-5th grade lesson HERE.
  • Propaganda & Art: WWI (for 4th-8th grade)
  • Industrial Revolution (for 5th-8th grade)
  • Careers in Art (for 6th-9th grade)
  • Art of Illustration (for 4th-6th grade)

These lessons will become available on M&G’s website in November. The lessons include a Teacher’s Guide (for use remotely or in your classroom), a lesson video, a demonstration video (for the related art project), list of the standards the lesson meets, and related project printables. M&G will develop more digital lessons as we’re able.



For a list of lesson topics in pdf click here.

For a copy of the standards utilized in each lesson, click here.

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Museum on the Move
is part of M&G’s Arts Encounter K-12 programming.