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Homeschool Days: The Age of Antiquity

For Students ages 5-14

Join us for a monthly exploration of ancient tombs, palaces, caves, and libraries in search of some of the secrets of the ancient world of art. Through engaging digital lessons and at-home art projects and activities, you’ll discover what contributions were made to art and culture by seven influential civilizations of the distant past.



Museum on the Move

M&G loves opening up the world of art for K-12 students through our unique Museum on the Move program by bringing cross-curricular, arts-integrated museum learning to your classroom. Each digital resource includes the following:

  • Teacher’s Guide (for use remotely with your students or in your classroom)
  • Lesson Video (length: between 7-10 minutes)
  • Demonstration Video for the related art project (length: between 2-5 minutes)
  • List of the Standards that the lesson meets
  • Printables for the related art project

Registration will be available in December.