Staff Highlight

Meet M&G’s Education Coordinator, Ruthie Vidal! Ruthie’s job involves all of M&G’s educational outreaches to the community. Here are a few of things you’ll find her doing throughout the week:

  • Planning and teaching lessons in local public & private schools with M&G’s Museum on the Move program
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    Yummy snacks for Kids Create!

  • Planning and teaching lessons at M&G’s Homeschool Days event
  • Planning and teaching at M&G’s onsite educational events, including Kids Create! and Mystery Tour
  • Writing scavenger hunts for children to be used in the galleries
  • Creating engaging, educational, and fun children’s activities in M&G’s exhibitions
  • Giving tours to educational and children’s groups

What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is researching about M&G’s collection and learning new things about the past. It is exciting to learn new things and it helps me to understand the art at M&G a little
better. Sometimes I will notice things in the art that I never noticed before after learning about the time in history when it was created.


Mixing ingredients for a special art project

Working at a museum is exciting and challenging! I get to do a little bit of everything so my job is never boring.  Some of the most interesting things that I have done are building a light bulb (when teaching about the Victorian Exhibition) and faking a museum kidnapping for our annual Mystery Tour.”


20150306museum-move-dc03Ruthie is a very creative and gifted educator. Come to an M&G children’s event or schedule a Museum on the Move lesson – you’ll see firsthand why kids love her!