Professional Development Opportunities

M&G’s Director of Education, Donnalynn Hess, provides insightful instruction for educators on a variety of topics related to the arts and is available to speak at lead teacher meetings, inservice, workdays, or homeschool co-ops. See below for a list of topics. M&G is always happy to tailor a topic or create something new to accommodate your needs. Please contact the Guest Services Coordinator to schedule at 864-770-1331 or Subject to calendar availability.

Topics for Educators:

Using narrative art to teach literary concepts


Using portraiture and photography to teach history


Historical context for the development of the 17th century’s diverse artistic styles


Activities & projects for stimulating whole brain thinking


Art we ready for the 21st century’s challenges?


Using powerpoint as an effective presentational tool


Using powerpoint as an effective interactive tool


The brief, twenty-year period when the stunning innovations of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael converged


Historical context and innovations of later 16th century painters


Historical context for the grand manner characteristic of late 18th century history painters


Development and impact of a unique 19th century brotherhood


A look at several of the 18th century’s “frivolous” and satirical painters


Connections between the emergence of the Romanov dynasty and early Russian art and culture


A look at people and events that shaped Nicholas and Alexandra