Think On These Things

In light of our current, shared and unusual circumstances here and around the globe, our regular routines and unrelenting schedules have been disrupted allowing us to have a little more time to pause and reflect. Of course, what our minds dwell on is critical. While beauty has always mattered, perhaps it shows itself all the more valuable and significant in a crisis. For the next 8 weeks, enjoy these various weekly considerations from M&G’s Collection that are worthy of our thinking…

Christ’s conversation with the Samaritan woman reveals our Lord’s compassion for those on the “fringe of society.” Bloemaert’s rendering captures not only the compassion but also the reverence of the scene.

St. Paul, known as the Apostle to the Gentiles, was a passionate personality whose ardent zeal is well documented in Scripture. It is also beautifully captured in the nuances of this Mannerist work.