Drawing Studio – Tuesday


Today at Kids Create! Drawing Studio we learned a lot of different drawing techniques. The goal for today was to learn how to draw what we see and not how we think something should appear.

  • Positive Space: Space in a piece that is filled with items such as lines, shapes, color, etc.
  • Negative Space: Space in an artwork that is empty or without lines, shapes, or color. The particular word negative does not mean bad in this sense.  Negative space can bring a lot to an artwork in a good way. Empty space often brings balance to an artwork and sometimes allows the viewer to be overwhelmed visually.
  • Contour Drawing: Contour drawing is simply an outline drawing of a subject.

Try this at home:

Doodle Challenge: Find two objects in your home to practice blind contour drawing. These means that you look at the object more than the paper you are drawing on. The less you look at your paper the better. You are trying to train you eyes and hands to work together.

Visit these websites to learn more

This website has several examples of blind contour drawings:


This website has lots of line drawing exercises for practice:


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