Watch This!

Through the years, M&G has developed topical videos to support the educational themes of our diverse exhibitions and outreaches.  Enjoy learning about the people of the past through these varied glimpses.

The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Inspiring Character
The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Theatre of the Mind
The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Caroline Norton & Angela Burdett-Coutts
The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Women
The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Conan Doyle & Henry Irving
The Continuing Victorian Narrative: Gentlemen
Symbols in Religious Art: Representations of Deity
Symbols in Religious Art: Earthly Saints and Heavenly Spirits
Symbols in Religious Art: Attributes of the Martyrs
Symbols in Religious Art: Prominent Bible Characters
Symbols in Religious Art: The Four Apostles
The Life of Martin Luther
The Charleston Silver Lady
Frederic James Shields: The Pre-Raphaelites
Why We Collect
Ten Most Forged Artists
Han van Meegeren: part 1
Han van Meegeren: part 2
Han van Meegeren: part 3
Lost Art: The Cassirer Family
Lost Art: The Bendel Family
Lost Art: The Bloch-Bauer Family
Landmark Case of Nazi-Looted Art: The Discovery
Landmark Case of Nazi-Looted Art: Authentication
Landmark Case of Nazi-Looted Art: Verdict
The High Renaissance: Raphael
The High Renaissance: Leonardo da Vinci
The High Renaissance: Michelangelo
Mannerism: An Introduction
Mannerism: Characteristics
Mannerism: Conclusion
Baroque Art: Introduction
Baroque Art: Prominent Schools
Baroque Art: Stylistic Scope
Baroque Art: Conclusion