Drawing Studio – Wednesday


Today we learned about composition. We learned about what makes a good or bad composition and how we use it to create better drawings.

  • Composition: The planning, placement, or arranging of elements of art in a piece. When a person creates a composition they also incorporate the principals of design.
  • Viewfinder: This is a small window for an artist to view a composition through. These help when creating a composition. You can make one by cutting a small square out of a piece of paper and looking through it. This helps the artist to focus on one specific space.
  • Still Life: A composition that includes various inanimate objects. Such objects include: vases, flowers, fruit, etc.

Try this at home:

Arrange your own still life and take a photo or try drawing it using your viewfinder. Remember to try to create a good composition with a variety of object and color. Try picking items that will not be too difficult to draw for your first still life.

Visit these websites:

This website is a great tool for learning art vocabulary. It is easy to use and gives plenty of examples of artworks for each term:


This is a website for the National Gallery of Art for children. This is a kid zone where there are fun activities to learn from:


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